What is IPE?

IPEC ReportInterprofessional Education is the collaborative process by which an interprofessional team of health care professionals (faculty, clinical preceptors, community health care providers) collaborates, plans, and coordinates an interprofessional program of education and training that encompasses didactic and clinical training components. The collaborative process requires the preparation and functioning of interprofessional teams who share knowledge and decision making with the purpose of creating solutions to health care problems and transcend conventional discipline-specific methods. The goal is to work together in service of patient-centered and/or community-centered health care needs.

Other widely accepted operational definitions of IPE are offered in the included IPEC-sponsored document. 


IPE Newsletter

The RHIC Interprofessional Engagement Committee releases a quarterly newsletter detailing noteworthy IPE happenings among local institutions.

Issue 1, Volume 1



Evaluation Tools

Interdisciplinary Education Perception Scale IEPS (Pre/Post) - Measures perceptions of IPE
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Interprofessional Collaborative Competencies Attainment Survey - ICCAS (Pre/Post) - Measures understanding of IPE competencies
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Collaborative Healthcare Interdisciplinary Relationship Planning Scale - CHIRP (Pre/Post) - Measures attitudes toward IPE teamwork
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Sample Activities

ISU - IPE Packaged Activities for Academic Year 2013-2014


Core Competencies

Core Competencies Graphic

 The core competencies of IPE, as recognized by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative, are:

Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice
Interprofessional Communication
Teams and Teamwork